Loading & Lifting

Maini Materials Movement offers a diverse array of Loading and Lifting Solutions designed to revolutionise material handling capabilities effortlessly. At the forefront of innovation, our Dock Levellers stand as the country's pioneering design, guaranteeing smooth transitions between warehouse floors and vehicles, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. 

Complementing this, our robust Scissor Lifts provide reliable elevation solutions, accommodating various load capacities and enhancing operational flexibility. Furthermore, our customisable Freight Lifts cater to specific industrial requirements, offering tailored solutions that streamline movement within facilities, optimising productivity and reducing downtime.

Dock Leveller

The first of its kind in India, this dock leveller by Maini is designed to support high loads under tough conditions.



6000, 9000, 12000 and 15000 Kg

  • Split Lip Arrangement:
    A unique split lip design, suitable for varied truck widths

  • Title Facility:
    Compensate canted conditions when the truck is titled due to uneven weight loads, avoiding tyre damage while ensuring safe operations

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