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We, at Maini Materials Movement, stand as a leading brand in material and people movement, providing cutting-edge electric mobility solutions for campuses and various industries. Our commitment to innovation, leadership, and unwavering quality sets us apart in the industry.

Our extensive range of material and people-handling equipment includes MHEs (Pallet Trucks, Platform Trucks, Stackers, Tow Trucks and Reach Trucks, Dock-levelers, Lift Tables, Fork Lifts, Scissor Lifts, and Industrial Tuggers) along with our pioneering Buggies. These offerings cater comprehensively to all your transportation needs.

With each passing year, we continue to expand our list of innovative solutions, driven by our passion for making our customers' lives easier. We seamlessly integrate technology into our products, ensuring smart, eco-conscious, and highly efficient travel in diverse environments.

Furthermore, we proudly align ourselves with the government's MAKE IN INDIA campaign, reflecting our commitment to local manufacturing and quality.


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Our Products



2500 kg

  • Easy Maintenance:
    Easy to maintain, with 12 lubrication grease nipples on movable parts

  • Enhanced Productivity:
    Manual heights lift for efficiency and versatility in operations

  • Operator Comfort:
    Smooth operator functionality to perform heavy-duty tasks with ease




  • Lithium Battery Excellence:
    Our pallet truck, powered by a robust 24V/20A lithium battery, delivers enduring performance for heavy-duty material handling.

  • Multi Functional Handle:
    Effortlessly enhance control with our pallet truck's ergonomic multi-functional handle, incorporating a built-in operating switch for smoother and more intuitive operations.

  • Effortless charging:
    Ensure uninterrupted operations with our pallet truck's external battery charger



2000 - 5000 kg

  • Easy Operation:
    Simple controls that save time and effort

  • Enhanced Safety:
    Safety switch to cut off power supply and activate the parking brake

  • Speed Control:
    Programmable microprocessor-based controller for precise throttle

  • Ergonomic Advantage:
    Ergonomic handle and stand-on platform for driver comfort



1000 kg

Lift Height Upto

800 mm

  • Easy Loading:
    Easily place loads at the required work height

  • Enhanced Safety:
    Greater stability with automatic activation of self-adjusting stabilisers for loads higher than 400mm



500/300 kg

  • Efficient Design:
    Featuring high ground clearance and solid rubber tyres for ease of operation

  • Customised for Productivity:
    Order-picker version that offers single or double scissors for your specific requirements



1000 kg

Lift Height Upto

1600/2500 mm

  • Maneuverable:
    Smooth manoeuvring with easy-movement wheels

  • Ergonomic:
    Ergonomic handle for swift operations

  • Effortless:
    Ideal for busy gangways, with a small turning radius and compact design



1000 kg

Lift Height Upto

2500/3300 mm

  • Ease of Operation:
    Enabling easy operations with user-friendly features

  • Low Operator Fatigue:
    FRP cover to contain shelf weight, thereby reducing operator fatigue

  • Easy Parking:
    Added parking advantage with a foot-operated brake



1500 kg

Lift Height Upto

6300 mm

  • Enhanced Safety:
    Automatic power supply cut-off with a parking brake actuator

  • Variable Speed Control:
    Programmable micro-processor-based controller for precise throttle

  • Efficient Drive Unit:
    Powered by AC motor technology in a fully enclosed lubricated gearbox



1800 kg

Lift Height Upto

4200 mm

  • Stability:
    Featuring side-support wheels for enhanced stability

  • Safety Features:
    Enjoy extra safety during operations with a load backrest option

  • Heavy Duty Battery:
    Higher battery life, suitable for long working hours

  • Battery Rollout Option:
    Time-saving feature to replace batteries on-the-go



2000/5000/8000 kg

  • Rugged Metallic Exterior:
    Full metallic exterior for safety in harsh environments

  • Front and Rear Load Dampers:
    Offers a smooth and stable ride, keeping in mind operator comfort

  • Digital Multifunction Display:
    Real-time information on all parameters with quick diagnostics for troubleshooting



6000, 9000, 12000 and 15000 Kg

  • Split Lip Arrangement:
    A unique split lip design, suitable for varied truck widths

  • Title Facility:
    Compensate canted conditions when the truck is titled due to uneven weight loads, avoiding tyre damage while ensuring safe operations




Lift Height Upto


  • Robust Construction:
    A strong structure design that supports a solid scissor lift arrangement

  • Extended Life:
    The firm and meticulously-placed deck avoids waviness and loosening over a period of time




Lift Height Upto


  • Completely Customizable:
    Tailor made applications

  • Enhanced Safety:
    Complies with industry safety standards

  • Numerous Features:
    Comes with many other optional features like flame proof control panel, beacon & beeper, overload indicator to facilitate operations

  • Productive:
    Enhances productivity through efficient operations

in the Country

Revolutionising inplant material handling with battery-operated MHEs.

Elevating logistics with innovative dock levellers.

We were the first to introduce an electric heavy-duty tow truck to the Indian market.

Crafting cutting-edge battery-operated buggies.

Comprehensive 360º solutions and dedicated customer support for material handling.

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Every new generation of Maini equipment has been significantly better than the previous generation. The parts failure has been reducing with each generation of equipment, hence cost of spares are also reducing. The spares mainitaining has been good.

Thanks to MMM service team for their valued support. Trend of Mainitaining uptime has been very good in last few months. We have seen good improvements in terms of quality.

We agree that Maini equipment is value for Money and we can safely depend on Maini for our ON-TIME production/operations, where material handling is concerned.

We have been happy with the comprehensive customer care arrangement. The up-time has been consistently around 99%.

The products supplied to us are of very good quality and they function and perform to our expectations rather exceeding well. We especially thank you for understanding our requirement and providing us custom-made equipment.

We at Infosys are delighted to be a part of India's first autonomous Buggy launch with Maini to which we have invested in its development. We are committed to nurturing the technology more which makes this vehicle meet the needs and stay relevant to various industries.