Electric Stackers

Manual Stackers

Semi Electric Stackers

Counter Balanced Stackers

Floor Transportation

Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Platform Trucks

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks

Scissor Hand Pallet Trucks

Towing & Hauling

Electric IndustrialTugs

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Loading, Unloading & Lifting

Dock Leveller


Scissor Lift

Accessories & Spares

Automatic Battery Charger


Smart rental solutions for your warehouses and factories for simplifying floor transportation, loading, unloading, stacking, towing and hauling.


  • Greater financial flexibility with freedom from Capital Expenditure
  • Reduced annual cost by not maintaining inventory of parts
  • Improved ability to adapt to seasonality in business
  • Easy access to a wide range of equipment
  • Forget long-term expenditures for interest, taxes, insurance, service, battery maintenance etc
  • Be always equipped with latest technology



Total Operator Comfort

Ergonomically designed handle for enhanced steering comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Modular drive unit, hydraulics and electronics ensure easy access for service.

Mast Tilt

Tilted cylinder allows for safer movement of loads.

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