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MS 10

Capacity : 1000kg
Lift height: 1600mm – 2450mm 
  • Light, Study and Maneuverable stacker
  • Compact design and small turning radius makes it deal for operations in arrow aisles, mezzanines and busy gangways
  • Perfect for operations where lifting is primary and transport distance in short
Engineering Excellence
  • Operator comfort: An economical lift to handle tasks from transporting dies, moulds, skids & pallets. It allows the operator to work without having to perform extreme body movements
  • Easy maintenance: Sealed bearings need no maintenance
Easy Operation

Entry / Exit rollers for effortless operation.

Responsive Hydraulic System

The hydraulic pump easy to operate and has and in-built automatic neutral position.

Weighing Scale Display Unit

Wight indication on the display can be pounds or kilogram.

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