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Capacity: 9000kg (Dynamic)
  • Robust steel construction
  • Ideal for efficient loading/ unloading operations from trucks and containers
  • Responsive, simple and reliable hydraulic system ensures safe operations
Engineering Excellence
  • Highly efficient and fully effectie hydraulic dock levelers that provide simple, low maintenance operations for loading and unloading from trucks and containers
  • Tilt facility: While the truck is canted to one side due to unevenly distributed loads, tilt allows dock levelers to compensate canted condition on either side up to 100mm. This floating action allows full width contact between the lip and truck bed, prevents damage to tyres and steering system
Power Pack

Includes 1hp motor. Valves are spool type for easy maintenance.

Split Lip Arrangement

With this unique design, one can use the DL to bridge LCA & HCV depending on the truck.

Hydraulic System

Independent lip & deck cylinders ensures safe operation.

Velocity Fuse

Precision safety velocity fuse on cylinder to prevent deck free fall.

Control Panel

Wall mounted control panel with push buttons.

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